Chairperson Message

Japan FoodService distributors, Association (JFSA) was found in 1962 as the first Japanese wholesalers’ network of food for business use based in the Tohoku and Hokkaido regions.  As we have created new markets and developed, more corporations from the central and western regions also joined, and as the result, the association has expanded to a nationwide organization.  Today the association is comprised of 31 member corporations and has the business with 110 manufactures.

Our fundamental principles are “Supply same products throughout the country, provide same distribution services throughout the country, and execute same policies along with the same spirit throughout the country”.  Based on the principles, we strengthen the partnerships with manufactures, develop products that meet the need of customers and construct distribution and information networks more efficiently by all the member companies involving collectively.

Surrounding environment of the food industry is not easy; there are always challenges such as customers need change and severe competition increase. In such environment, we established distribution centers to improve the effectiveness of storage management and distributing process by operating collectively at each regions. We established "JFSA DORYU Co.Ltd" to cover Hokkaido area, in 1975, "JFSA TOHOKU BUTSURYU Co., Ltd," to cover Tohoku area in 1995, and 2019, we established "JFSA@CHUSEIBU@BUTSURYU@Co.,Ltd" to cover central-west area of Japan. Also in 1991, to take over the practical business sections of the association, JFSA Co.,Ltd. was established and the new joint sales promotion system was constructed.  The system enables more strategic joint sales by dividing the member corporations to 5 groups (Current 4 groups + KUZE Co.,Ltd) depending on the region and designing effectual promotion for each of them.  Because of these efforts, we achieved more than 66.9 billion yen joint sales in 2018.  In the future, we would like to further expand the association and achieve the joint sales of 500 billion yen.

As we consider ourselves as a “food coordinator”, we always try to provide better products and services by developing new products and menus, ensuring the safeties, and offering training program to member corporations’ employees.  We continue to contribute to rich dietary culture and deliver the pleasure to your dining table

Chairman of Japan FoodService distributors, Association
Yoshiharu Takiguchi

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